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My Love affair with boxing began at the early age of ten, when my father and I would sit in the basement of our old home and watch all the old fights. Sandy Sadler, Willie Pep, Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Louis, Jack Dempsey, Ezzard Charles, Henry Armstrong; Muhammad Ali; ( Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.) these were the names I remember hearing when I was growing up.

We didn’t just watch the fights, either. Each fight provided me with a new lesson as boxers would bring their own unique styles and technique into the ring. While admiring but respecting the vast body of work of all the old greats and even today’s modern fighters, I have been able to hone my knowledge of this amazing sport. Remember this, Hold on to this,This is the only perfection there is, The perfection of helping others. This is the only thing we can do that has any lasting meaning. This is why we're here, the good Lord gave you a body that can stand most anything ! It’s your mind you have to convince !

While each client has his or her own goals and aspirations when it comes to boxing, each of my seventy five minute sessions     follows a general format:

- Warm up drills
- Shadow boxing
- Heavy bag and double end bag work
- Mitt and pad work
- Weights and ab work
- Tony’s special cooldown cardiovascular work out

But before a single punch is even thrown, I will assess the level of your physical fitness and boxing experience. Boxing is not a sprint, it is a marathon that requires dedication, determination, and intense focus. Before you can throw a punch you need to understand the proper stance, foot work, and technique. This isn’t an impersonal boxing class with thirty other athletes, where you are thrown into the lion’s den without even a sword.

All my clients begin at the pace that is comfortable for them and as their skills improve, the intensity of the boxing will increase exponentially. If you are willing to put in the work, I am even willing to put in extra time with you. I am not a clock watcher, when the session is completed and I feel that you have completed our daily training goals then we can properly cool down and end the session.

The core foundations of all my training is proper strength and conditioning. Several rounds of shadow boxing, weight lifting, and other cardiovascular warm up and cool down drills will help set the groundwork for what is to come

Ask any of my students and they will tell you that I am FIRM but FAIR. We will train but we will not progress in our training until the proper form and technique is achieved. You do not hand an artist a paint brush and an easel and tell him to paint a masterpiece. You do not give a singer a microphone and expect to hear him belting out a classic. Boxing is a beautiful art form, and in order to be able to master it you must appreciate it’s fine intricacies and details

This may seem like a lot of work for a simple boxing session but have no fear, the sessions aren’t meant to push you to your physical limits. They are meant to challenge you but also push you to improve. My clients all leave our sessions exhausted but also refreshed and energized at the same time. I coach a variety of lawyers, doctors, police officers, fire fighters, and other hard working professionals. After hours of working each week, one would assume that the last thing they would want to do is hop in the ring with me for over an hour. But by the time the final bell rings, all the pent up stress and frustration will have melted away. I do not only train the body but the mind and spirit as well. You will leave the session not only feeling better physically but mentally and emotionally.

Some days it will be tough to lace your shoes up and climb into the ring and for those days I like to offer one of my favorite quotes from the late great himself, Muhammad Ali, “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t Quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion”

My students call me Pops for a reason and that’s because each of my students is like a son or daughter to me. Let me turn you into the champion you were meant to be. Call me today!


Boxing offers many benefits and can be tailor made to fit your fitness level and goals
Many clients approach boxing as a way to lose weight or improve their physical fitness. Some of my clients begin boxing to learn self defense; others use our sessions to combat the stress of daily life.

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I have always prided myself in performing at a high level in all athletics from high school onwards. In my baseball career, I pitched two no hitters and was voted a three time all star by all the managers and coaches in my high sanction colt league.

Since 1991, I have been a full time coach and trainer of novice, amateur, and professional athletes. While my focus remains boxing, I have trained baseball, football, and hockey players.

From 1991 to 1994, I became ACE certified and began working at Rose Shores Fitness & Racquet Club in Roseville, Michigan. Don King (the Michigan legend – not the boxing promoter), then the general manager of the club, mentored and molded me. Through his tutelage I became the head fitness instructor and trainer at Rose Shores for three years training athletes ranging from the ages sixteen to seventy!

After my time at Shores, I spent two years as the premier fitness floor manager at World Gym in Clinton Township. My role was to train the other instructors and oversee their sessions with their clients.

From 1996 until the present day, over twenty five years, I have trained a variety of amateur and professional baseball and hockey players and of course, some of the best amateur and pro boxers in the United States. While I spend most of my days in the gym, you can also catch me on HBO, Showtime, and Friday Night Fight Nights on ESPN.

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